Lendroid + Amadeus Relay

The API-only relayer makes the trading process frictionless and opens up the Lendroid protocol to use cases that enhance user experience.

User experience and liquidity are the two primary priorities of any trading protocol worth its token. Every increment in code, every improvement in protocol structure, and every alliance with an innovator is one step further towards a shared, global liquidity pool or a richer user experience.

It‘s great when an alliance takes both priorities forward.

The freshly minted Amadeus API improves liquidity within the ecosystem by making it possible for relayers to not worry about hosting and filling 0x orders, thereby allowing them to focus on the UI, UX, and regulatory aspects for users/traders on their site.

“With its lending protocol, Lendroid is bringing us one step closer to a fully functional decentralized trading platform. Combined with Amadeus and its willingness to collaborate on a better exchanging experience, trading will be much more sophisticated than what it is today,” said Eduardo Lima, Co-Founder and Head API Developer at Amadeus.

A word about the Amadeus API. Amadeus relays 0x orders via their own API, which follows 0x Standard Relayer API guidelines. Their model of the Reserve Manager Strategy makes the entire trade process frictionless, enabling a third party to build their own UI, fill the UI with orders obtained from the Amadeus API (using HTTP GET requests), and then use the 0x.js library to fill these orders.

Like Lendroid, Brazil-based Amadeus was vindicated by the community’s warm reception of the 0x protocol. The Brazil-based team then decided to become relayers themselves, and integrate with other interesting projects to bring liquidity to the system.

“It is encouraging that relayers like Amadeus find Lendroid a great protocol to build on. It also opens up possibilities for richer user experience and better liquidity. A step in the right direction,” said Vignesh Sundaresan, Founder and Project Lead, Lendroid.