Lendroid + The 0cean: First Among Firsts

A pioneering trading instrument meets the ‘largest, deepest, and best supported’ liquidity pool.

The ecosystem of decentralized exchanges is still pristine. Fertile for innovation, it has welcomed a new wave of relayers and with them, a potentially vast source of liquidity. The 0cean is one of the first projects to recognize this opportunity and push towards the vision of a global, decentralized lending pool. It is no surprise that they are one of the earliest allies of Lendroid, which enables non-custodial margin trading on Ethereum.

“Liquidity is one the primary challenge in decentralized trading. To bring in some serious liquidity, it would take serious smarts — in enhancing user experience and neutralising the inefficiencies of on-chain computation. This is exactly what The 0cean brings to the table,” says Vignesh Sundaresan, Project Lead at Lendroid.

As the only enabler of decentralized lending, and non-custodial margin trading and short selling, Lendroid would be a beacon of investment on the blockchain, taking forward the shared vision of liquidity. For some context, the margin funding on Bitfinex alone stands at over $560 mn.

“The 0cean’s leading decentralized trading platform for both retail and professional traders will be substantially boosted by Lendroid’s liquidity pool and we’re excited to launch this partnership during this still seminal period of cryptocurrency trading,” says Thomas Ahn Hicks, cofounder of The 0cean.

As a modular, extensible protocol, Lendroid is excited about integrating with The 0cean, which we believe will provide traders with an addictive user experience.